b&bitalia sofa

Hello there and happy Friday to you! Have big plans? Or little plans? We have had a busy week and are looking forward to a low key weekend. Kristyn will be taking her kiddos to her parents farm in mid-MO to visit 11 puppies that were born over Christmas. Lisa will be finding ways to relax in the midst of construction at her house…may be time to hit up the movie theater! We successfully got Wendy on board as our business manager, and we love her!

Next week ramps up again with a trip to Chicago to furnish one lovely home we’ve been renovating! A lot going on here, but we prefer being busy little bees.

Cheers to you if  you get out of your sweats this weekend, but hey…we understand completely if it’s a cozy on the couch and have a movie marathon.

With Love –


P.S. How about cozying up on that B&B Italia sofa?!