A blended family transformed their Spanish-inspired home into a sophisticated and lived-in artist’s palette. With such creatives joining lives, our team’s main task was to blend their amazing collections into a beautiful, livable space fitting for kids and entertaining. The collections are sentimental, with each item having a personal story. Colorful artwork creates a lively balance with the collection of African art and stone sculptures. The furniture is neutral and refined, in order to let the palettes of artwork and wallpaper shine.

Throughout the home, there is a playful balance of white and neutrals, providing a blank canvas for the many displays of art, sculptures, and color to take the stage. In the open living room, the Mediterranean rounded fireplace was painted white, and whimsically-positioned stacks of wood fill the shelves surrounding it, balanced with books arranged by themes or color.

The kitchen is in the rear of the house, and features sleek walnut open shelving, with basalt limestone hexagon picket tiles melting into the wall with playful reflection. French doors lead to the outdoor area, perfect for indoor/outdoor parties.

The home is now a vessel for art, kids and family.