CITY HAVEN - GOLD Winner in the IIDA Mid American Design Awards

A good space needs room to breathe. Our clients purchased this home for its prime location close to shopping and entertainment, but its traditional aesthetic interior weighed down the couples’ casual and playful lifestyle. Heavy red drapery, out of proportion fake beams, overly ornate cabinetry, and awkward angles all felt overwhelming.

The clients wanted their new home to reflect their love for entertaining family and friends. At the direction of the Lisa Schmitz team, the beams were removed and the ceiling vaulted. Extended windows now allow soft light to spill in, and an extensive, modern fireplace façade now matches the grand scale without being overwhelming. We added textural furnishings for warmth, which complemented a neutral palette. By softening angles throughout the kitchen, and adding a dining table flanked by a beautiful hutch, we were able to create an inviting kitchen where guests could linger. With the addition of a wine cooler, bar storage, and two dishwashers, the client now has a functional space for entertaining guests. The kitchen is so inspiring that the client “feels compelled and delighted to cook.”

With statement art adorning expansive white walls and a bespoke linear brass light hanging from above, the dining room takes the stage for dinner parties and late nights. A den, with a darker hue and cozy furnishings, is set nearby for more intimate conversations.

The new bathroom suite has a floating tub and open curb-less steam shower, making the once cave-like master bath now a relaxing retreat. What previously felt formal and fancy is now a tranquil, delightful, and welcoming space.

CONSTRUCTION BY: Schmitz Remodeling