Hello there! How are you on this rainy afternoon? We have adopted Rose Brooks Center as our Design for a Difference charity.  We are raising funds and donations to remodel four living rooms.  We wish to provide healing and peaceful spaces as the women and children recover and heal from violent situations. These new rooms will become welcoming places to gather, and a safe place to nurture and foster ambitions.

While we are still in the donation phase for the living rooms, we have helped with some organization and aesthetic issues in an administrative and conference room.  As word has spread of our work with Rose Brooks Center,  a long-time friend of mine came across LOTS of file cabinets and task chairs that needed a new home.  In perfectly good condition, they are so excited to have matching chairs with arms and parts intact!  The file cabinets will make the administration area a little more efficient and open. Staff will even have individual spots for personal belongings as they work the phone bank, being the first contact to those in crisis!  A small way that we can make more comfortable those who directly help the ones in need. As we are on site, it is obvious that this center, their employees, their volunteers, and the space itself is life-giving, life-saving, and a blessing for these women, kiddos, and pets.

We give a heartfelt THANK YOU to Colin Weigel of ReSources of Kansas City, who made this happen.  If you are looking to purge or purchase office furniture, you can contact Colin at  or call him at (816) 918-2680.


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