Carly Pumphrey

Carly Pumphrey isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Much of her childhood was spent working on handyman or sewing projects and living in construction zones while learning her parents’ hands-on hobbies. She has fond memories of sweeping the sawdust off woodworking tools found in the family garage.

Taking those project building skills with her to college, she earned a Masters in Interior Architecture and Product Design at Kansas State University. Carly has over 10 years of commercial work experience as a lead on interior design projects ranging from small church reconstruction to larger higher education developments. A constant problem-solver, Carly is always trying to find smarter and more efficient ways of working. She finds satisfaction in a well-coordinated set of construction documents and joy in helping teammates employ smart BIM practices. 

In addition to working as a designer, wife, and mother of three, Carly is a proud “Chickener” creating Chicken Footstools with The City Girl Farm. She’s comfortable in a fitted black blazer or a well-worn cozy plaid shirt. Carly lives off of KCK Tacos, black coffee, and intentional conversation. Many of her weekends are spent with friends for game night, throwing kids’ birthday parties, or camping. She loves pottery, a good vintage handbag, authentic materials, and clean details.