Mary Campbell

Interior Designer
Carly Pumphrey

Mary Campbell has a talent for uncovering hidden potential. When she was young, her grandmother owned an antique store in Kansas City and Mary loved following her around endless estate sales, learning how to spot quality items for the shop. Mary’s passion for
timeless style intensified at Kansas State University, where she majored in design.

Mary’s career began with over a decade of commercial work, designing projects that ranged from high-end office space to international hospitality and major-market sports arena interiors. She’s a right-brainer who uses light, art, and the spatial environment to tell a compelling story. Spaces come to life through her eye for detail. Mary has a way of making design and renovation
enjoyable – bringing ingenuity and calm to the process.

When she’s not deep into her sketchpad or a book, you can find Mary curled up on the sofa with her fluffy dog, Bear. She loves to cook, throws a mean dinner party, and has been known to go a little overboard on a good theme. She and her husband Colin love exploring Kansas City and spending weekends at the lake. Mary adds warmth and joy to every room – her infectious
laugh can be heard from a mile away.