Hello there! This afternoon we bring you the third recap of the Alley Party 2016. As any event planner knows, it lies in the details. Attention to detail is a large part of Novella Brandhouse, Schmitz Remodeling, and Lisa Schmitz Interior Design daily deal so the party had to follow suit! We stayed up late juicing limes for cocktails, adding twine to jars, painting the table cloth, hot glueing tassels, etc, etc. Novella hand painted the invitation, which obviously did not happen the night before the party but was quite a hit. Throughout the evening the band was playing saws, pump organs, and a slew of beautiful instruments, which was the icing on the cake…or shall we say the final squeeze of lemon in the lemonade.

P.S. All floral arrangements were by the talented, Avery Schmitz.

Party highlights:

the Parsonsfield band  (“They harmonize; they play saws, mandolins and pump organs; they back their songs with crickets and squeaking screen doors; they are boisterously youthful yet deftly sentimental…I fully expect to hear more from this band as the years go on.’
– David Vescey, The New York Times)

a lemon honey signature cocktail (recipe!)

bbq ribs + brisket by Three Legged Pig

ice-cream cups served out of the airstream by Betty Rae’s Ice Cream Shop in Waldo