There are many things to love at LSID, but 2 things that rise to the top are working with creative, smart, dynamic women, as well as surrounding ourselves with beautiful, engaging art. To celebrate International Women’s Month, we are looking at how we use art (which all happens to be made by female artists) in the spaces we design. 

(Above, a Kelly Porter painting adds a bold burst of color to an otherwise neutral primary bedroom at Modern Manor.)

Sometimes, a space is calling for a special piece, and LSID will coordinate with the client and a gallery to find the right artwork to add to the mix. Above, a Karen Matheis painting hangs above a custom walnut bed at Well Suited.

Julie Blackmon‘s Chaise perches above the living room sofa at Hilltop Tudor, near a Heather Rosenman ceramic boat.

When a client comes to us with an art collection we can incorporate into the overall design, our designer hearts sing. Layering sculpture, 2-D works, and furniture becomes an exercise in proportion and storytelling.

Sitting on a sofa in Collector’s Quarters (above), you find yourself surrounded by works from Lynette Yiadom-BoakyeBetty Woodman, and Ursula von Rydingsvard.

A bronze and felt chicken from The City Girl Farm hangs out on an entryway console next to a ceramic bowl by Erica Iman at Modern ManorFrom a small ceramic dish to a wall-sized mixed media piece, let us help you bring art and design come together to tell your story.

Always on the lookout for inspiration, meet a few favorite female artists we’re talking about in the studio:
Vivian Meier, American Photographer
Sofobisba Anguissola, 16th Century Painter
Sophie Smallhorn British Artist + Consultant