For blog 2 of 3 we bring you the party people! Above is a group pic of the hosts Lisa Schmitz Interior DesignNovella Brandhouse, and Schmitz Remodeling (not pictured is the rest of Schmitz Remodeling Crew!)

Party highlights:

the Parsonsfield band  (“They harmonize; they play saws, mandolins and pump organs; they back their songs with crickets and squeaking screen doors; they are boisterously youthful yet deftly sentimental…I fully expect to hear more from this band as the years go on.’
– David Vescey, The New York Times)

a lemon honey signature cocktail (recipe!)

bbq ribs + brisket by Three Legged Pig

ice-cream cups served out of the airstream by Betty Rae’s Ice Cream Shop in Waldo

Below is Lisa Schmitz Interior Design crew from left, Lisa, Wendy and Kristyn…